2. Philosophy


Insight into Hiromori Group

HIROMORI Group is a World-Class Agency, a team of Professionals,creating Passion and Excitement through Promotional Marketing and Merchandising

We are an Integrated Promotional Marketing Agency

Noticing, Understanding, Touching, Using, Feeling, Memorizing, Loving, Sharing, a Product or a Brand.....
This is where Hiromori Group comes in.
Wherever, whenever, consumers contact the Product or the Brand, our mission is to create excitements, passion, and happiness at such contact points.

Hiromori Group is a leading Integrated Promotional Marketing Agency in Asian Pacific Region.
Hiromori Group’s branded networks and numerous specialty firms provide brand promotion, premium promotion, in-store marketing, interactive marketing, CRM, and other specialty-communications services, in Asian Pacific region as well as globally.

We value Creativity

We believe excitement and passion created by our creativity is the driving force of moving consumers. Therefore, we value “Creativity” as our core-competency.
Our definition of “Creativity” includes, understanding the customers, understanding the marketing issues, building promotional planning, developing solutions, implementing promotional activities, measuring the result, reviewing the next promotion planning, and the team-working of our professionals dedicated to bring results for our customers.

World-Class Agency

.We aspire to be a World-Class Agency.
Hiromori group extends the global reach to Hong Kong, Shanghai (China), Guangzhou (China), and Malaysia.
Our overseas corporations hold marketing & planning team, creative & design team and production & quality management team, providing promotional marketing services & promotional products to the local customers in each region.

The economic growth of China is a huge potential for Hiromori group, and we have since 2001 heavily invested in developing customers in China. Most of the multinational corporations position Chinese market as a next market, and we are providing promotional marketing solutions to our customers in China.
We are also working with various multi-national customers on Global Procurement Projects, providing the solution to consolidate the worldwide purchasing of promotional products.
We aspire to be a World-Class Agency, by providing world-level creativity & services, and by reaching to the customers in various regions worldwide.